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Hi Joon, even though you’re not gonna read this, i wanted to let you know a couple of things.

You know what? you are my bias since i know you. I didn’t fell in love with you because of your abs but because of your smile. Your pretty smile. So right now, smile.

If those “fans” don’t like how you look, fuck them all.

I like you. If your skin is tanned, i like you. If your hair is short, i like you. If you train a lot, i like you.

Please, stop calling yourself a fan if you’re being a fucking idiot with him.

Do you think he deserves those comments? Is just hair. HAIR GROWS. SKIN IS JUST SKIN AND HIS BODY IS LIKE HE WANTS TO.

You people are NOBODY to tell him what the fuck he can do or not.

And oh, that rumor about him and Hyunah. 

WHAT. I know it’s not true. No, i don’t really like Hyunah, but hey what if he really loves her? Would i care? No. I would be the happiest person in the entire world because i want him to be happy and if she can give him happines, i’ll be ok with that.

Woah, i just hate this. I hate it so much. It’s hurting me seeing Joon like this.

  1. leejoonssilovely said: es precioso tal y como es. La apariencia es lo de menos, solo es superficial y con el tiempo irá cambiando, pero su manera de ser perdurara siempre y eso es lo que realmente me gusta de él.
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  5. butihatetumblr said: a veces las fans se creen con derechos sobre el idolD: es bastante penoso todo eso; demonios, ellos son personas tambien y si, una fan por sobretodo deberia querer que su idol sea feliz asi como dices ashsg son unas pesadas, quesebusquenunavida ಠ_ಠ
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